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being a second.

Updated: Feb 7, 2018

I am always use to being the lead photographer. This one was a differnt take on a wedding.

December 9th 2017 was my first time being a second shooting in 2 years! Also my first winter wedding as well. I was a little bit nervous about being a second shooter. Being a main shooting is what I love to do. I was trying to remember how different it was to be a second shooters. With trying to get some main and detail shots you still have to capture that funny moments of the bridal party and guest.

“I need you to focus on candidate shoots.”

Candidate shoots should be easy I thought. It sure was not. You really have to live through the moments looking through the camera. Once you put the camera down something else happens. You have to photograph that moment just right and if you click to late you have lost it!

How Stressful! I am lucky to have great seconds on my team that really know what they are doing. People who think main and second shooting are the same, really don't have the experence of both. Or maybe I am just so use to being the main shooter.

With being a main shooter I feel like I have so much to accomplish and have to lead. Brides look to me to really plan out there whole day and keep them on track. But I am not trying to say second shooting it not as important, it sure is. Just with this wedding I was a second, I found so many more creative ways to think about pictures. I was able to really captures the moments with the bride and groom.

Some Beautiful moments

My all time favorite moment to capture is when the bride reveals her dress. Lately the bride only takes her maid of honor and mother out to find her dress. There is this new thing called "reveal to bridal party" everyone is doing now. Makes for great real life moments vs faked ones. Also the moment when the bride puts her dress on for the day. Brides get so excited when the dress it just right and looks amazing on the day of.

Working with the whole bridal party can be fun or challanging. I was very happy that this bridal party! They were so happy for the bride and groom to get married. It really made the pictures perfect!

I can say being a second shooter is now opened my mind to more creative ways. I had a great experence working with someone else. Sharing tips and tricks. I am very happy with the photos I was able to capture being a second.

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