CONGRATULATIONS on the engagement! What an exciting time! I’m so grateful to be considered to capture such an important day in your lives, and trust me, I don’t take this honor lightly. I understand that your wedding day is going to be incredibly planned out and insanely beautiful, and in the midst of day-of preparation you may not have the opportunity to be present for every moment. But no worries, I’ve got it covered. I want you both to be able to look back on every moment of your wedding day, even the moments you couldn’t physically be there for, and feel like you never missed a thing.

I believe wedding photography shouldn’t just be about getting the prettiest shots or video that are magazine ready (I do love those too, though). I believe it’s also, maybe even mostly, about capturing the authentic moments that just happen candidly throughout the wedding day. The laughs here and there, the smiles, the tears of joy – I’m always looking around for these emotions with my camera ready. If you both find these qualities important as well, I think we could be a great fit and have a lot of fun capturing these extraordinary moments in your lives!